District Health Information System Academy 2

11 AeHIN members were supported to the DHIS 2 Academy Asia 2014 in Vung Tau Viet Nam. This effort aims to expose members to DHIS 2 Set-up at the level of operation and maintenance. Members who joined the academy are creating a draft re-entry action plan to engage their country on DHIS 2.

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Bangladesh Lao Malaysia
  1. Mohammad Elias Hossain
  1. Luexay Phadouangdeth
  2. Chansaly Phommavong
  1. Ahmad Syukiri Jamaludin
  2. Ismat Binti Sulaiman

Nepal Philippines Sri Lanka
  1. Dhruba Raj Ghimire
  2. Binod Paudel
  3. Nav Raj Bhatta
  1. Cherrie Esteban
  2. Rene James Balandra
  3. John Francis Faustorilla, Jr
  1. Clive James

DHIS 2 Academy Asia 2014 are for DHIS 2 implementers in their countries. Organized by the HISP Viet Nam and University of Oslo, this is held at Seaside Resort, Vung Tau, Vung Tau, Viet Nam on 17-27 February 2014.

Experienced DHIS 2 experts from all over the globe will share the latest features and customization approaches helping DHIS 2 to be a success in your country and/across organizations. Emphasis on sharing experiences and solutions for cross country collaboration will be a highlight, encouraging both trainers and participants to sit together and work on local implementations.

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Find more information visit http://www.dhis2.org/academy

DHIS 2 Scholars

Rene James Balandra

    Mabuhay! I'm Rene James Balandra, a software developer at the University of the Philippines - Manila National Telehealth Center (UPM - NTHC). I have been working in UPM - NTHC since 2012. I'm heavily involved in developing mobile health applications seeking to innovate e-health solutions to a variety of problems. Having the chance to do something meaningful and useful, it is a joy to expand my knowledge and to learn new things that can help provide a solution and a new perspective to these problems that we are trying to solve.