AeHIN Scholarships

This 2013, AeHIN supports 24 of its members to the Online HL7 Fundamentals Course, a 14-week program which begins 15 August - 28 November 2013. This initiative do not just aim to train participants on HL7 but also will explore the possibility of eHealth standardization and interoperability within countries and across borders.

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Bangladesh India Indonesia
  1. Fatema Uddin 
  2. Dr. Shah Ali Akbar Ashrafi 
  3. Nayeem Al Mifthah
  4. Jakir Hossain Bhuiyan Masud
  1. Sujan Sarkar
  2. Itisha Vasisht 
  3. Rajeev Digambar Joshi
  1. Maryani Setyowati
  2. Albert Pratama Prayogo
  3. Enny Rachmani

Myanmar Nepal Philippines
  1. Chaw Chaw Yu
  2. Ei Shwe Sin Win 
  3. Aye Aye Sein
  1. Prabin Shakya
  1. Alison Perez
  2. Thelma Pulong
  3. Christine Ceblano
  4. Edith Facturan

Sri Lanka Thailand Viet Nam
  1. Dr. Clive Chrishanthan James
  1. Wanchana Pontongmak
  2. Niramai Nareenuch
  1. Nguyen Hoang Ming
  2. Vo Hai Son
  3. Huy Quang Hoang

AeHIN HL7 Scholars

Dr. Clive Chrishanthan James

     I am a Medical Doctor graduated in 2003 and finished my internship in 2005. From 2005 to 2009, I have worked in many disciplines of Healthcare at various state healthcare hospitals in Sri Lanka. Since my school boy days I have had a strong passion for ICT. My first computer was a 386 which ran on DOS 3.0. In 2009 the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo advertised a MSc in BioMedical Informatics and though a selection exam I was selected as one of the first 30 doctors to be trained in Sri Lanka. After successfully completing the MSc (2 year, Full Time) I am now working as a Medical Officer of Health Informatics at the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka. During my MSc I had a liking towards the Standardization of Introducing ICT into Healthcare Services and my Thesis was on Proposing Data Interchange Standards in Healthcare for Sri Lanka. I am currently a member of the National eGovernment Policy Review Committee and the National eHealth Technical Committee.