AeHIN Scholarships

One among the four strategies of AeHIN is to build capacity on eHealth, HIS, and CRVS. AeHIN supports sending its members to conferences, providing them trainings, and exposing them to international exchanges, fellowships, and other opportunities so they will be better equip to take part on national and regional efforts in improving health systems through ICTs.

AeHIN has sponsored a number of individuals to trainings and online courses to better equip eHealth professionals on implementing their national eHealth development plan. Trainings and other capacity building activities being offered are drawn according to an eHealth capacity roadmap which makes eHealth technical support scalable and sustainable using certified governance, planning, and management procedures.

Following is a list of AeHIN trainings and profile of our sponsored participants. 





HL7 Online Fundamentals Course

Online  Aug 15 - November 28


DHIS 2 Academy

Vung Tau, Viet Nam

 February 17-27


General Criteria for Selection

Individuals who will be sponsored by the network are professionals who will bring significant contribution not only to their country but to the region as well. 

Click HERE to view the general selection guidelines.