AeHIN Lends Cisco Webex Event Center For Free

     Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHIN) members can now easily collaborate with each other and across the world, in real time, through its newly acquired online meeting platform.

     Beginning June 2014, AeHIN is lending its own Cisco WebEx Event Center to all its members for free. WebEx is an online platform that lets people meet over the internet.

     “Online meetings save a large amount of time and travelling costs by allowing attendees to learn from other participants who live on the other side of the world,” Win Min Thit and Jitsupa Peelay of the newly-installed AeHIN Satellite Secretariat in Thailand commented.

     With this, members from various countries can frequently meet and exchange experiences on their eHealth implementations in real time communication. Countries can also use the platform for their own meetings which they want to extend to a larger audience either within or outside their country. This is foreseen to build stronger relationships within the network that will lead to solving health IT problems in countries.

AeHIN’s WebEx for eLearning

     “Cisco WebEx is a platform for eLearning, and resources and information exchange,” Win Min Thit says when asked on benefit on using Cisco WebEx Event Center for AeHIN members. Cisco WebEx can assist AeHIN members in planning, organizing, and conducting an event with a seating capacity of 500 participants.

Cisco Webex Event Center has various features to ensure that online meetings are managed effortlessly. It has “automated email management for sending out invitations, confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups about upcoming events automatically. 

     AeHIN members can share a lot of multimedia content like presentations, applications, white boards and video files with the audience. Feedback on the event can be easily obtained with flexible audio, threaded Q&A, chat, poll, and attention monitor. Other features encourage the audience to actively participate in the event like responding with ‘applause,’ “‘raising hands,’ and asking questions which reinforce the sessions with such hands-on activities,” says Thit and Peelay.

     Dr. Sambath, AeHIN Working Council member from Cambodia said that “country members can use Cisco Webex for meeting or training at country level.

     Apart from participating in AeHIN Hour, members can [also] organize their local AeHIN Hour which allows you to create eLearning programs like AeHIN Academy by using Cisco WebEx with no extra costs for both organizers and participants. With the availability of Cisco WebEx Event Center, members can look forward to participating in AeHIN training events on eHealth-related topics and help create knowledge among members and non-members within or outside of AeHIN,” elaborates Thit and Peelay.  

WebEx Features real-time screens

     “The feature we like most in Cisco WebEx Event Center is assigning the presenter,” Win Min Thit and Jitsupa Peelay discuss. This feature allow sharing of desktop screens and make participants feel they’re meeting with each other face-to-face.

     They also mention the “easy process for requesting the access, registration and participation in the webinars” by clicking the link from their invitation emails and joining the meeting room.

     Cisco WebEx Event Center also allows AeHIN members easy interaction on participant’s presentation with the “use of a chat box, microphone, discussion board and computer camera.”

      AeHIN members can request for Cisco Webex Event Center 500 HERE