Introduction to OpenHIE Implementers Network

How to Start OpenHIE Implementation in your Country

Introduction to the OpenHIE Interoperability Layer and OpenHIM

ESB Benchmarking

About this AeHIN Hour

In this webinar Carl Fourie unpacked the vision of the OpenHIE implementers Network and introduce the opportunity for a call to support the Asia implementers.

There were no slide presentations used in this session but you may check the OpenHIE collaboration page at

About this AeHIN Hour

Some countries in Asia have begun the transformation of their national health information systems through the adoption of OpenHIE. In this webinar, Dr. Alvin Marcelo presented the journey of some of these countries, the benefits they received and the challenges that persist.

About this AeHIN Hour

In this webinar, the speakers namely Carl Fourie, Philip Zuniga and Ryan Crichton introduced the functional specification document (a working document) outlining the functions and requirements of an interoperability layer that is supportive of the OpenHIE architecture and provide an overview of the current IOL reference techology, the OpenHIM. Download the slides here.

About this AeHIN Hour

This is the first part of the three-part webinar on the Development of a Proof of Concept Health Enterprise Services Bus (ESB) for the Philippine Health Information Exchange (PHIE). In this three-part series, experiences, results and methodologies used in developing the Proof of Concept will be discussed.

Download the slides here.