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March 19, 8pm

Topic: Japan Nationwide EHR Storage SS-MIX for Patient Information Exchange
Speaker: Prof. Michio Kimura

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AeHIN Hour 2017

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97th AeHIN Hour - Beyond Scale: How to make your digital development program sustainable

98th AeHIN Hour - Facility Registry

99th AeHIN Hour - HEARTH: An Emerging FHIR Registry

100th AeHIN Hour - HL7 FHIR and Smart: A New Model for Interoperability

101st AeHIN Hour - The World on FHIR: Real-World Implementations in Southeast Asia

102nd AeHIN Hour - Japan Nationwide EHR Storage SS-MIX for Patient Information Exchange (UPCOMING: Mar 19)

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About the AeHIN Hour

AeHIN Hour is Asia eHealth Information Network's online learning and sharing sessions participated by member countries. It allows members to share and explore ways on how eHealth, HIS, and CRVS implementations could be improved in the region. 

Quite an informal session, a speaker lead on discussing a topic requested by members. Participants, from time to time, ask questions to the speaker. Session runs in Cisco Webex Meeting Center.

Local AeHIN Hour for countries are also being organized to address specific topic requests from countries.