The AeHIN Academy on "eHealth 101: Capacity-building to Support the Development and Delivery of National eHealth Strategies"

To fully maximize the benefits of information and communications technology to improve the delivery of healthcare, eHealth strategies that direct the use of resources and harness tangible and intangible capacities needs to be deployed. However, while there are existing trainings and skills development offerings that have been organized outside the arena of eHealth to develop competencies to support eHealth strategies, it is still difficult for health organisations and individuals to be able to understand how to find the ones that best meet their requirements for eHealth in their local setting.

This 1st offering in the AeHIN Academy series entitled “eHealth 101: Capacity Building to Support the Development and Delivery of National eHealth Strategies Course” is currently being offered in self-study mode

What you will learn in this webinar

This 90-minute session on basic concepts about developing and supporting eHealth strategies will help you:

  • understand how eHealth strategy, planning, an architectural approach, standards and quality, frame the requirements for capacity development  and
  • identify how appropriate skills and training from different sources can help them develop and deliver the projects and programmes needed to deliver different aspects of eHealth Action Plans.

All sessions will be recorded and will be available at 

What to expect during and after every session

In every webinar, there will be:

  • two (2) breaks for Q&A and sharing session and
  • a short 10 point quiz to check participant’s comprehension. 

Get the certificate

Get a certificate of completion for attending all sessions and by scoring 7/10 in each webinar quizes. Your certificate will be useful as you prepare yourself and your institution in the changing demands of eHealth for local and national implementations.

Topics of this Webinar

Below are the topics of the webinar series. All recordings will be posted in AeHIN's youtube channel at




Introductory session as part of AeHIN Hour 

 1 Leadership that delivers an eHealth Action Plan
2 Institutional readiness
3  Architecting the interoperable enterprise
4  Standards and interoperability
5 Health information exchange
7  Evaluation and Monitoring
8  Review, refine, refresh, retrain

Important Notes

  • Sessions will be done through Cisco Webex Event Center. A registration is required prior to every session to confirm attendance.
  • Create an account at and enroll yourself to the "eHealth 101: Capacity Building to Support Development and Delivery of National eHealth Strategy". Enrollment key will be given by email upon contacting
  • All slides, recordings, quizzes, and other resources will be posted at
  • All quizzes can be answered within 10 working days of the session. 

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