Interoperability design guidelines released for personal connected health devices

The International Telecommunications Union published this month, a set of design guidelines for personal connected health devices which was said to “stimulate innovation” on life saving devices such as wireless blood pressure cuffs, weight scales and a wide range of activity trackers.

The standard - Recommendation ITU-T H.8101- contains the Continua Design Guidelines

(CDG) which will enable global interoperability that will reduce cost of manufacturing of these health devices and will enable easier integration of electronic medical records for health information exchange (HIE). CDG was authored by Continua, a non-profit, open industry organization of healthcare and technology companies joining together in collaboration to improve the quality of personal healthcare. 

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HIS education included in Bachelor of Public Health and Masters Program in Cambodia

The Cambodia Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health recently agreed to integrate a health management information systems (HMIS) course in their Masters of Hospital Administration and Bachelor of Public Health to support the need for human resources for health ICT (information and communications technology) in the country.

“There were many IT degree programs in Cambodia but there was limited or less HIS (health information system) subjects in the curriculum of those courses,” Dr. Mean Reatanak Sambath, AeHIN Working Council member from Cambodia, said.

Inclusion of HMIS in the masters degree of hospital administration and bachelor degree of public health is seen as a way to improve man power responsible for record keeping and reporting of health data in several HIS database installed in health facilities.

The School of Public Health, National Institute of Public Health and University of Health Science were on lead. A few other stakeholders along with the government and non-government organizations were also involved in the planning, consulting, evaluating, and curriculum development.

The first offering of HMIS is already implemented in the School of Public Health, National Institute of Public Health and University of Health Science. Cambodia is currently looking for more collaboration of HMIS subjects in several degree programs.

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