THIS publishes Health Information Standards

Thai Health Information Standards Development Center (THIS) has published a report on eHealth in Thailand: Interoperability and Health Information Standards.

The report provides fundamental knowledge of health information standards and interoperability and reviews the development, adoption and use of health data standards in Thailand.

It also contain the development of semantic standard, namely, Thai Medicines Terminology (TMT) and adoption of Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC), which can supports administrative functions and also health information exchange for clinical and quality of care.

It is available online and can be downloaded in

AeHIN, CHSI, WHO hold network meeting at CHITEC 2016

Participants of AeHIN side meeting during CHITEC 2016 in Nanjing, China

Nanjing, China – AeHIN, together with WHO and the Centre for Health Statistics and Information (CHSI) of China National Health and Family Planning Commission, held a two-day network meeting during the 11th China Health Information Technology Exchange Conference 2016 at Nanjing International Exhibition Center on August 30 to 31.

The meeting was attended by participants from Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

The discussions revolved around how interoperability and standardization within countries can be improved and how eHealth and mHealth applications can be better managed for privacy, security and safety.

The sessions were also broadcast through GoToWebinar for AeHIN members who wished to remotely join the discussions.

Bhutan eHealth Action Plan Workshop

Speakers and Participants at Bhutan eHealth Action Plan Workshop

Paro, Bhutan–The Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHIN), Ministry of Health (Royal Government of Bhutan), United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF),MEASURE Evaluation and other development partners co-organized the Bhutan eHealth Action Plan Workshop: Weaving Health and Happiness with ICT with funding support from the World Health Organization (WHO).

It was held at the Khangkhu Resort, Paro, Bhutan on 21-23 June 2016. It engaged Bhutanese government officials from Ministry of Health, Ministry of Information and Communications, other relevant government organisations and eHealth solution providers such as Thoughtworks, RingMD and MedCube. Altogether approximately 70 participants participated in 3-day workshop and brainstorming sessions.

The groups were formed based on the eHealth components from WHO-ITU National eHealth Strategy Toolkit : I) Leadership and Governance, Strategy and Investment, II) Legislation, policy and compliance III) Infrastructure, Standards and Interoperability and Services and applications, IV) HIS and eHealth Workforce. Challenges were identified and short-term and long-term action plans were proposed during the workshop.

The workshop objectives were to review current and planned health information systems and e-Health solutions, to identify priorities, key actions, and investments towards developing more cost-effective, sustainable, interoperable e-Health solutions and to sensitize stakeholders on the importance of e-Health governance, policy, enterprise architecture framework, standardization and interoperability, capacity development and program management, and how these relate to the national eHealth strategy.

Workshop Outcomes 

  • eHealth is important for realization of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and achieve goal of nation with best health
  • Bhutan eHealth Strengthening Roadmap for the remaining 5 Years Plan period was identified.
  • Priority activities within 7 National eHealth Components were identified.

Presentations are available here.

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